Did you know this about Stockholm?

Are you planning to visit Stockholm?
Here is some information that you could know to make your life easier.

If you are invited to Stockholm and need someplace to stay, there are apartments Södermalm you can rent for both short and long stays.
On weekdays swedes usually eat healthy morning meals and eat a little more luxurious on the weekends, don’t forget to book ahead if you want to visit popular restaurants.

It is well known that swedes are fluent in their English skills, as long as you can speak English there will be no problems with the communication.
If you are a vegan or is interested in vegan food, there is lots of choices that are vegan. There are even hamburgers that are vegan, and you can always ask for almond or oat milk in your coffee.
There is lots of different kinds of food to choose from when you are on a holiday Stockholm.

Buying alcohol for private consumption are a little out of the ordinary in Sweden.
The Swedish government only allows alcohol under 3.5% ABV so be sold in ordinary stores, all  the rest is sold in government owned Systembolaget which closes early on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays.

Swedes are fond of their fika, that means often a cup of coffee and some sweet with it, cakes or cookies.
There is lots of things to see and visit when you are at a vacation Stockholm and there is lots of guides on the internet to find what you are interested of.
You should not miss the opportunity to visit the Vasa-museum which holds an old warship that is salvaged.
The ship is made entirely in wood and are an impressive view with a bit of interesting history where it sank on the maiden voyage.